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Active Level 2. Troubleshoot common problems on Samsung Galaxy M20 1. Just a reboot fixes many problems including networks, performance, and stability.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Specs & Speed Benchmarks

You must confirm whether other devices are able to connect with that WiFi source or not. The problem may be associated with the WiFi router. If other devices are connecting to that WiFi router, just follow the recommendations. After that router turns ON, connect your phone.

Form a completely new connection.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Themes, Apps, and Mods

Here are some recommendations that should help you fix this problem on your phone: A reboot worth your try. Most of the time, just rebooting fixes these problems. Try to restart both devices, your phone, and that Bluetooth device. Most probably, this should fix the problem. Just open Bluetooth settings and tap on saved networks. Now, again pair that device.

Again, open the Bluetooth settings and tap on save networks. Now, remove some connections. After that, try to pair that Bluetooth device. Additionally, ensure that your phone is discoverable. Otherwise, no matter how many time we try. Open the Bluetooth settings and ensure that it is set to visible. Here are some other recommendations that you should probably fix the overheating problem on your phone: You should not use your phone when it is plugged for charging. There chances that this phone might have been optimized for faster charging and thus it becomes heated.

If your phone becomes heated abnormally, there are chances that some apps running in the background and using power resources without a limit. That will restrict the apps from using the battery unknowingly.

Next, you can clear clutter data from your phone. Over time, our phone tends to gather a lot of clutter and garbage data that affect many aspects negatively. To clean your phone, open the Settings menu and tap on Storage. Tap on this button to perform this action. Moreover, you can wipe the entire cache partition on your phone using the recovery mode.

That will thoroughly clean your phone.

Install apps

This action will remove all third-party apps, configuration, and files. That leaves stock performance and stability. Fix App crashes on Galaxy M20 Right after my phone got updated to Android Pie firmware, I realized that many apps have become unstable. If you figure that a certain app is behaving abnormally, then you should clear its associated cache files.

Account Options

Follow the below steps: Open Settings. Tap on the Application. Next, you must ensure that you have the latest version of that app or game installed on your phone.

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  5. Just uninstall the application and install the updated version from the Google Play. For that purpose, follow the below steps: Boot into the recovery mode on your phone. Exit this mode. If the problem happens even after this and it is limited a certain app, you better contact the app developer team. They would be able to help you further in this regards. Therefore, it becomes important for us to clear these junk files.

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    How to set dual app in Samsung Galaxy M20

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